Mount Batur Volcano Hike

The most difficult hike I have every had to do. The elevation, steepness and the over all pace was extremely difficult for me! However, we made it! Being on top of an active volcano to welcome the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen is definitely one of the highlights of my life!


Should You Hire A Guide? 

Most definitley! Also, book before hand. I highly recommend this company we booked with! They had a driver pick us up at 2:00AM and a guide who completed the entire hike with us! They were literarily the best! I did get a discount because we had 4 people. It never hurts to ask for one as long as you are being reasonable. Our guide was the best! He let us touch the volcanic steam, had the best jokes and even took us to see wild monkeys!


When we were about half an hour into the hike the guide asked us if we wanted to continue on the basic route or take a short-cut. All the guys automatically stared at me with hopeful eyes! DON’T GIVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE. I did and it was fine, but for future reference, don’t give in! But the shortcut saved us an extra 30-40 minutes which was awesome.

We got to the top and got the best seats and a good half an hour before sunrise! However, the shortcut was so steep and really difficult. Instead of taking a weaving path we literally went UP the volcano. As we hiked up in pure darkness, the guide pointed out various lava and based on its color, the year it was from!


In the end. It was the most amazing thing I have ever had to experience! The sunrise took my breath away. It really reminded me of how little me and my problems are! The sun rises every day! Everyday is a new beginning. It is a present.


After we had a chance to lift our jaws from the floor, we had breakfast which they cooked in the STEAM OF THE VOLCANO! How insanely cool? Then, we walked around the crater and found wild monkeys!

I would highly recommend visiting monkeys here rather than the Monkey Forest.


I really hope one day you guys will get to experience this! There really are no words to describe the beauty and grandness of this hike!






What I wore:

Guys, how you dress makes a huge difference!! This is what I wore:


I literally only own Pheel athletic clothes! Their quality is amazing and makes me feel so good and put together! I wanted to congratulate this amazing company on opening their first physical store! You guys rock!



  1. MK
    July 4, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Great to read about your experience hiking Mt Batur. We did the hike yesterday based on your recommendation and it was truly breathtaking! Thanks guys – Katherine and Marcus

    • Bakaichik
      July 11, 2018 / 6:24 pm

      Wow!! I am so glad you got to experience it!! How did it go?

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