Unfollow the Negativity

In a world full of people, do you feel alone? Sometimes a bit empty?

Maybe it’s the opposite. You may feel overwhelmed with responsibility, under pressure to commit to others and their needs.

Wherever you may find yourself, know that you are not alone. You are not carrying this load by yourself. You are not floating through life unnoticed!

I had the honor and pleasure of speaking to many of you and hearing out your stories. The one common theme in everyone’s struggle is finding purpose or accepting your current purpose. Whether you are a mom, struggling not to loose yourself in the midst of the chaos at home, or a young woman trying to figure out a career path, we all want a sense of purpose. A purpose that will not only benefit the world around us but also sustain our material and mental needs.



Recently I’ve picked up reading. I was never the person to say that I loved to read until after college. The ability to pick whatever book I want is so liberating! To quote a thought from my current read:

Our mothers cried out to the world, “We can do anything!” and what we heard was, “I need to be everything.”

This really resonated with me. How true is this statement? And it’s so simple! I want to be a beautiful woman, with a kind and gentle spirit, with a rockin’ body, a stellar personality, hair down to my butt, with an entrepreneurial mind… the only thing stopping me from becoming President is my foreign origin of birth!  Oh and did I mention – I can end world hunger, be the ultimate neighborhood queen, and finish my doctoral all under the age of 30! Oh yeah! Go get em tiger!


I am all about empowering women! Chase your dreams girl! Do you! But are your dreams really yours or are they there to prove some sort of point solely to yourself? Are those dreams keeping you from actually living your REAL life?


We have never been under as much social pressure as we are now. And guess what, most of it comes from the tiny little device in your pocket. We are flooded with pages full of perfection, literally every minute of our day! How can we not be overwhelmed!


Here is my tip for you my friend. Re-evaluate your goals and clean up your following. I did this and it was like a rock off my shoulders. I unfollowed more than 600 accounts on my Instagram. It feels good to not feel that pressure every time I open my app. Instead, I am uplifted, I am learning and benefitting rather than doubting myself.


Unfollow any account that brings you no good!

If it doesn’t benefit you, if you are not learning something from this person, why would you want their images clogging your mind?

Think of it as your closet. Only the clothes that you will actually wear and use can be hung in that little space.








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