See You in September

So much has happened in our life this year. It’s. Insane.

Just during the summer alone we opened up the doors of our business, Filipp graduated from his college, apprenticeship and is now leaving to Switzerland. He is taking off tomorrow and won’t be back until September 7th. On September 8th we will have a few hours together and then I fly out to New York. Once I come back, a few hours later, I have to be in Chicago.
It feels as if we are being led all across the globe. It sucks being alone, but I know that he is doing his best and is chasing his dreams.

I am 100% supportive, 100% proud and 100% dreading his flight tomorrow.

The last couple of days we have been holding each other extra close and super tight. I remember him speaking of the possible opportunity of traveling to Switzerland when he first started his career. And now, here we are!

I had a few people comment on our relationship before. “Why does he travel without you?”, “Do you guys like facetime everyday, I can’t imagine not seeing my husband!”, “Oh wow, that must be such struggle in your marriage.”, “My husband and I never separate, we haven’t been apart for more than a day or two”.

I know those comments are probably half sympathetic and half trying to poke at something in me.


I can honestly say I am used to Filipp being gone. I can go weeks without seeing him. That does not mean I don’t love him or he doesn’t love me. It just means our family is different from yours. We have different jobs, different personalities. I can be alone and not die…  You know what I mean?

Special thanks to Anastasia for this bomb photo session! These will be printed and proudly displayed to our future grandchildren. “Why yes, your grandpa could unlock a fire escape and your grandma could climb it in heels!”

I hope you all have a very fantastic week! Go hug your friend, co-worker or computer. Which ever is closer or feels more attainable =P










I LOVE YOU FILIPP VASILYEVICH PAVLYUK! (I know you are reading this). 


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