So my friend, it’s been a minute! SO much has happened in the past few weeks! I cannot wait to have those posts go live! I just want to share every little moment that has happened thus far!! A few days ago I was sitting in my hotel room and I craved to just write on my blog! I wanted to reconnect to all of you and just write, write, write!

So before I start posting the stories from New York and Chicago I wanted to just do a little relaxed blog with just a few things that are on mind.


Ekkk I just wrapped myself in a blanket, lit a fall candle and grabbed my computer. Guys, I am so excited.

My fingers are twitching, so ready to start this!!

  1. I am finally home! I don’t have any more work obligated trips for quite some time! Filipp on the other hand is on the road again. At the moment he is in Texas but only for two weeks!
  2. I now proudly own 16 plant babies! If you have been following along on my Instagram, you probably noticed the obsession rising. I came home on Saturday night and saw that the grounds in the pots was like completely dry. I looked at Filipp and asked if he forgot about them. He said “Of course not!” I smirked and went to shower. I peeked my head out and saw my hubby frantically watering the rest of the plants ahahah! I love you! We only had one casualty, so it’s all good!
  3. Filipp booked his first wedding gig in a few weeks! As you may know he dabbles quite a bit in video work and is now starting to pursue it seriously! I cannot explain how proud I am of him! He is so creative and hardworking. I love that he acts upon his passions and not just talks about them. So if you have an event coming up and need a videographer, hit him up!
  4.  I love the idea of fall scented candles but always find it hard to find one with out a super cinnamony or strong smell. I came a cross a huge three wick candle and its flavored Pumpkin Coconut. BEST CANDLE ON THIS PLANET! This one here is very similar.
  5. Business is picking up! I am so beyond blessed by God to have such a unique and wonderful part in this industry! I love my job, it still doesn’t feel real. Although the responsibility behind it is constantly in the back of my head. Ever since February I’ve been having nightmares about the business. Not necessarily something terrible happening but very stressful scenarios rolling around in my brain. I guess its good for possible training? We are booked every weekend and have been growing in our business! Thank you to everyone who is praying for us!
  6.  Filipp is planning a surprise trip for me in November! I am so excited about it! I think we will be going to Jamaica. Don’t ask how I know, I just know. I have never had anyone keep anything from me. Filipp needs to talk his brainstorming through and I am right there to listen and give my input. It will be so nice to finally spend some time together!
  7. I cut my bangs with huge, rusty scissors in New York. I was planning on growing them out because I literally had to trim them every week. But I missed them. So I went into the kitchen, found scissor and cut off two inches! Now I am home and growing them out…again.
  8. I just made myself hot chocolate and am uncontrollably drooling. If there are grammar/spelling errors in this post  I blame the soaked keyboard. Sorry if that was too graphic, but I need to explain my excitement somehow!

Today was wonderful because I FINALLY HAVE A CLEAN CAR!!! You guys don’t even knooooow how gross it was. I dropped Filipp off at the airport and thought “Enough is enough! I am a grown woman who needs to have a clean car.” So I looked for a near by car wash and woalllia! There it was  Soupy Joe’s Car wash! For only $30 the amazing men who worked there (bless their soul) cleaned the interior and exterior of my transportation vehicle. Here is the conversation I had with my husband about it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We were both pretty stocked.  So if you think your car cannot be saved. Go to this car-wash and challenge them!


10. Filipp shaved his head. I found out via FaceTime… I haven’t seen him bald in about 5 five years. I may have cried.






The dress is from the Metisu Boutique! If you have not heard of them, I highly suggest you check out their site! I personally love their dress selections!






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