Garden of the Gods

Alright you guys! Let me just explode with excitement for a bit!! When I was planning our little road trip around Colorado, The Garden of The Gods was a really convenient and easy stop, so I really didn’t think much of it. On Google reviews it said that its a popular tourist attraction, has lots of people, yada yada, all the stuff we try to avoid. It was on the way so we stopped by.

OHHHHMAAAA!! It was one the most beautiful sceneries I have ever got to experience! First off, the garden has beautifully paved roads so you don’t necessarily have to hike around to see every formation. This was such a plus because we were so cold! It would definetly be a fun spot to explore when the weather is warm and toasty.


We probably spent a good few hours here just starring at the beauty of it all. The paved roads make a circle and we probably made like five of them!

If you find yourself in Colorado Springs, go here! Maybe try to get here in the morning to avoid too many people, but either way. We could not believe how easy in was to access and the fact that it was completely free.


We hope you enjoy following along our little adventures! Jamaica is only 25 days away and we cannot wait! We haven’t been on a “vacation” vacation probably since we got married. We always over load ourselves with things. It will be our first all inclusive experience as well!  I know, we are totally getting old.



Love you all!



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