Hello everybody! We are finally in Indonesia! It was quite the experience getting here. We had our first flight to Detroit, MI, from Detroit to Incheon, South Korea and then Denpasar, Bali! Altogether, it was roughly 27 hours of travel… View Post

Hello lovies! Last week was an adventure for Mushu and I. I picked him up from home after work because I wanted him to have a little free time out of the apartment while I ran errands. I quickly dropped… View Post

I wanted to share with you the current sale going on in ShopBop! It is only until April 14th so hurry! Use code EVENT18 to get 20% off your purchase under $500, and 25% off $500+. I went through the… View Post

Hello there! If you’re looking at this then I guess congratulations are in order! Wedding registries, oh what a wonderful beast! I personally love to look up couple’s registries because it gives me a sense of who they are and… View Post

I literally felt sick when buying theses shoes. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty and my heart was fluttering all around. I probably sat in them for a good hour admiring the work and comparing them to others.… View Post