Hello everyone! Welcome to the series on blogging. I know many of you have question out  of curiosity or because you want to become a blogger yourself! If you are the latter I say, DO IT! You literarly have nothing… View Post

The season of celebration is upon us! How many weddings are you attending this summer?! I’ve noticed that going to the malls for formal wear is absolutely a waste of time and is extremely frustrating. So here we go, below… View Post

Here is a glimpse into a piece of my heart. My lifelong dream. This Saturday was the grand opening of My Darling! It was the day that has given me so much anxiety and sleepless nights, but it came. We… View Post

I wanted to share with you the current sale going on in ShopBop! It is only until April 14th so hurry! Use code EVENT18 to get 20% off your purchase under $500, and 25% off $500+. I went through the… View Post

I literally felt sick when buying theses shoes. My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty and my heart was fluttering all around. I probably sat in them for a good hour admiring the work and comparing them to others.… View Post