Hello lovies! Last week was an adventure for Mushu and I. I picked him up from home after work because I wanted him to have a little free time out of the apartment while I ran errands. I quickly dropped… View Post

You can easily have long hair with one swipe of a credit card: buy hair extensions. I have em! (Insert shocking gasps) I don’t wear them all the time but I do on occasion. I bought them for my wedding… View Post

Avocado, the “it” fruit of the year. Not only is it super photogenic, but it also contains a whole lot of awesome nutrients and oils! You know how I like to slap a lot of random stuff into my hair?… View Post

How to make yourself feel younger? No, not expensive creams. No, not Botox.  Pig-tails, the instant rejuvenating accessory!   This is a super easy tutorial! Brush your hair Divide your hair in two pieces Tie the two ponytails with an… View Post

  HAIR SERUMS, OILS AND WHY YOU NEED THEM       I used to bleach my hair like there is no tomorrow, now I just get highlights. Regardless, my hair is fairly damaged on the ends. Last year it… View Post