Hello everybody! We are finally in Indonesia! It was quite the experience getting here. We had our first flight to Detroit, MI, from Detroit to Incheon, South Korea and then Denpasar, Bali! Altogether, it was roughly 27 hours of travel… View Post

This winter I started to really appreciate what we have here in the “Bold North”, I mean what other state has a real life ice castle? Oh you know the one with SLIDES and FOUNTAINS?! We do! Going up to… View Post

Happy New Year everyone!   So many things happened to us this year! Both good and bad, exciting and frustrating, humbling and proud moments completed our 2017 year! One of the greatest blessings to us is our health! We had… View Post

These photos were from the day we got up before sunrise to hike to the Hollywood Sign. I love traveling to the West Coast because the time difference is so easy to adjust to. Also, waking up is a piece… View Post

Hello everyone! Ah, long time no see huh?! Filipp and I flew out to California for Thanksgiving and it was just the greatest thing ever! This trip was a surprise for Filipp. I bought the tickets as his birthday trip!… View Post