These photos were from the day we got up before sunrise to hike to the Hollywood Sign. I love traveling to the West Coast because the time difference is so easy to adjust to. Also, waking up is a piece… View Post

Hello everyone! Ah, long time no see huh?! Filipp and I flew out to California for Thanksgiving and it was just the greatest thing ever! This trip was a surprise for Filipp. I bought the tickets as his birthday trip!… View Post

Dear travelers, Don’t go to San Francisco, go to New York.  I am going to be honest here, San Francisco is not my piece of cake. I am grateful I got to see the city and check it off my… View Post

  I feel like it’s been while since I last sat down and blankly wrote what ever is on my mind. So here ya go, a pile of my thoughts and a quick life update!   Today is October 4th… View Post