Welcome to one of our favorite trips! Go to New York City everyone, please, please go! Also, take a look at our video. Let us know what you think! When ever we go on trips we research it like crazy.… View Post

  You guys!! My two best friends joined me in NYC last week and it was amazing. We all still have a mental age of 16 whenever we are around each other. Not that we are obnoxious, we just forget… View Post

You know all of those romantic movies that having cutesie scenes in Central Park? Well that is what it is like in real life. Actually, any place is like that with your lovie by your side. ( I know, cheesing… View Post

  We are in New York city!! Yesterday we went to Top of the Rock and the views were insane! I definitely recommend  going there. However, try going during dusk. We went up at around 9:20am (we got on a… View Post