This winter I started to really appreciate what we have here in the “Bold North”, I mean what other state has a real life ice castle? Oh you know the one with SLIDES and FOUNTAINS?! We do! Going up to… View Post

Hello darlin’ and welcome back! I have so much to tell you! We are moving along on our shoppe remodel quite nicely! As of now we just need to finalize the lighting and flooring! I am currently working on the… View Post

Do you have that one piece that is your absolute go-to when styling a majority of your outfits? Well we do too! Filipp and I have a small but very practical collection of watches and they all mean something to… View Post

Hello there boys and girls! The day of love is coming up! BLAZER / WHITE DRESS / FLATS You may or may not have high expectations for this day. We take it easy and treat it like a little date… View Post

Did you catch the huge snow storm on Monday of last week or was it just me? ;P Those two days of panic really showed us the true Minnesota winter! Imagine if it happened next weekend during the Superbowl!! It… View Post